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Welcome to the Hammer Party - the newsletter of crime writer Jordan Harper.

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This is experimental. It’s an attempt to wrench the pulped meat of my brain from the jaws of social media.

My plan is to issue monthly. Each issue will include updates about my work (inshallah), thoughts about crime and culture, and brief movie, book and music recommendations. I’ll share thoughts about artistic strategy and purpose, writing, anxiety and the strangeness of life lived between creativity and capitalism.

I will share some of the real life stories I dig up in my research, things like Aryan Brotherhood indictments, sicko Hollywood stories, books about the nature of violence. Fun quotes like …

“Nobody knows how to stab someone to death anymore …”

— Aryan Brotherhood shotcaller on a prison cell-phone wiretap

I’ve had the title Welcome to the Hammer Party in my head for a long time. I commissioned the above art from Matthew Revert when I thought it was going to be a podcast about 90s crime films, and who knows? Maybe someday it will be.


The Ballad of Robert Sylvester: a short essay about a pair of incredible true-life photographs.

Building a spirit board.

And an announcement I’ve been sitting on for really long time …

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