LA Confidential Pilot Screening

Maybe your only chance to watch the LA Confidential pilot is tomorrow. I'm really bad at self-promotion.

Welcome to the Hammer Party.

I’ve been cruising submarine-deep these last few months, trying to finish the new book (formerly known as HOLLYWOOD SICKOS) while back in a television writers room (a zoom-room, anyway). So these updates have grown sparse, and this isn’t going to be a full edition of the newsletter. But I did want to share this update:

Tomorrow night, June 14, the ATX Festival will be virtually airing the pilot to LA Confidential that I wrote and executive-produced in 2018. Afterwards there will be a panel moderated by Jim Hemphill, including me, co-showrunner Anna Fricke, director Michael Dinner, and Brian J. Smith, who plays Ed Exley in the pilot. I’m insanely proud of the pilot, and I’m glad that it will finally get some sort of airing in public. You can buy a day-pass to the festival to watch. I hope you do.